We value all of our employees no matter what your role is here and as we move in to 2019 and open more facilities we are hoping to improve our structure, policies and work force. To do that we are asking you to provide honest feedback on what you like/dislike about working at Evergreen or the PAC and what you would like to see improved/increased or changed about how we do things, what your roles are, equipment needed or not needed, scheduling, hours, etc…

There are two options, the first being just a message block. It is completely Anonymous and will only be emailed to one of our management team. We would like you to be open and honest and we figured that having a meeting or asking people to identify themselves would still leave room for people to hold back if there was something negative to say. Here is your opportunity to vent/praise/recommend any ideas or things that we do.

Option two is if you would like to let us know who you are along with your comments and here you could let us know any ideas you have that you think could improve performance for our work staff or even the facilities in general. Nothing is off limits and there are no stupid or right or wrong answers. I would ask that you keep things realistic and be specific if you are writing about a specific incident or problem, so we can try and improve on them.


PTW management


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