Play To Win, LLC’s (PTW) primary business is the design, construction oversight, management, and operation of sports complexes.  In addition, our areas of expertise include event planning and execution as well as partnership and sponsorship creation.  Experience and expertise in these areas are critical to the success of any sports complex project. 

PTW can help its customers with any sports facility development project. Out team can provide guidance and support in the following areas of sports facility project management:

·         Design Advice

·         Project Development Oversight

·         Facility Operations and Management

·         Existing Facility Renovation

Our team can provide effective support to any one, or all, of these project life-cycle elements. PTW can act as the owner’s advocate/representative in the first two areas and could manage and operate all aspects of a sports complex if selected to perform the functions required under the third area, Facility Operations and Management.  In addition, PTW can help re-design and renovate an existing facility to meet the needs of the customers who purchase existing facilities that require modifications.

+ Project Modeling and Design

The PTW team can provide a project model that is essentially an operating pro forma. In its simplest form, the project model, provides assumptions (rates, hours of operations, configurations, etc.) for each sellable area of the facility.

The PTW team can ensure all necessary items are identified and documented as requirements so that architectural, engineering and general contractor companies have the necessary information to enter into construction and related contracts. To achieve this, the PTW team works with the client to finalize the vision for the sports complex. This includes shaping the complex as an integrated sports and entertainment platform that meets or exceeds the customer’s requirements while also helping to drive local economic activity and development to encourage local and regional government support for the project. Key tasks include:

• Ensure that the customer’s goals for the project are clearly understood and stated, including those related to local economic development

• Clearly define agreed metrics to benchmark success of the project

• Evaluate options and recommend the platforms, programming and design elements/property & facility layout to deliver this success

In all design efforts, consideration should be given to operating the facility at a profit. One of the most important tasks is to ensure the facility is built in a manner that meets demand and is scalable to support anticipated growth


During the Project Development phase PTW would perform three major roles for project ownership.
• Act as the owner’s representative overseeing the subcontracting team responsible for the construction of the facility.

• Maximize the customer and partnership base for the sports complex prior to opening.

• Develop the operations procedures for the facility.

The subcontractor oversight role would include review and oversight of architectural, engineering, and General Contractor subcontracts. Activities include hosting project team status meetings, reviewing and tracking plans and schedules, and monitoring required local government approvals. PTW would be responsible for ensuring that subcontractor schedule, budget and quality plans are being met or exceeded while providing timely and detailed status to ownership.

To maximize facility utilization and first year financial results it is critical to build excitement and anticipation for the sports complex prior to its opening for operations. One of the first steps is the establishment of the sports complex’s brand, including colors, catch line(s), mission statement and initial marketing materials. These initial marketing materials will include conceptual drawings and a description of the planned offerings and benefits to the community, in general, and targeted users specifically. A marketing campaign that includes key local stakeholders should be developed and implemented to raise awareness and garner support throughout the community. Targets would include local Chambers of Commerce, civic groups, schools, community organizations (HOAs) and major planned residential neighborhood developers. PTW can lead the development of this marketing activity to build demand for the sports complex offerings. PTW may make sense of a local public relations/strategic communications company to help structure and disseminate the vision to the community based on their knowledge of the local landscape, including any political concerns that may exist relative to the development of the project.

Also, during the Project Development Oversight phase, the PTW team can develop operational procedures which will be used to both train new staff as well as provide guidance to management and staff during the period leading up to and during the operational phase. An Operational Guidebook will be developed including procedures, processes and/or guidelines necessary to effectively manage and operate the sports complex.


Upon completion of the sports complex development and construction phase, the PTW team can transition to the operations and management of the sports complex. The primary initial priority is to activate the complex as an integrated platform supporting all sporting and support services.
PTW will conduct the following day-to-day operations activities in a professional and planned manner to maximize total revenue and customer satisfaction:

• Day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facility, • Marketing, promotion, sales, scheduling and execution of contracts related to:

  • all facility usage rental and sales agreements for available rentable space/time,
  • all sports complex events and activities,
  • all partnership and sponsorship programs, and
  • all non-sporting events, corporate outings, team building and birthday parties.

• Management coordination with:

  • Ownership,
  • Facility users and customers, and
  • Sponsors and partners.

• Oversight of all third-party vendor and lease holder organizations:

  • All subcontractors and suppliers, including potential facility cleaning and landscaping, and
  • All lease tenants/partners, including potential concessions, apparel, sporting goods, office rental space, and third-party entertainment service providers.

The PTW team has extensive experience in the management, scheduling and maintenance of sports facilities. Our team can be responsible for all aspects of marketing, sales, promotion, scheduling and maintenance of the sports complex. Formal contracts are negotiated with users and tenants of the sports complex to protect ownership from a liability perspective as well as to ensure there is no ambiguity in the responsibilities of the PTW team and the users and service providers.

The PTW team will manage the day-to-day relationship with all major users and sponsors/partners of the sports complex to ensure repeat business and high levels of customer satisfaction. PTW will make extensive use of eBlasts and social media accounts established for the sports complex to communicate upcoming events and to provide a forum for partners to get their messages to the sport complex user community.

Our team will also be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the entire facility. We may enter into subcontracted maintenance agreements, as needed, especially after initial construction warranties have expired.


PTW has the capability to help with redesigns and renovations necessary to convert existing facilities into profitable sport facilities which the owner’s new requirements. PTW follows the same approach as it does for new construction by working with the owner to define the requirements followed by helping select the architect, engineers and contractor team to implement the renovations. We will coordinate with local governments to ensure all regulations are met during the renovations. During the actual renovations PTW acts as the owner’s representation to ensure all requirements and quality standards are being met by the subcontractor team.