Marketing Strategy


Business Development

PTW will create a business development initiative that and implement it to raise awareness and garner support throughout the community.  Targets would include local Chambers of Commerce, civic groups, schools, community organizations (HOAs) and major planned residential neighborhood developers.  PTW will lead the development of this business activity to build demand for the sports complex offerings.

PARTNERSHIP and Sponsorship

The PTW team will design sponsorship and partnership programs to generate buzz, convert, and extend profiting relationships for all parties involved.  A true partnership is mutually beneficial to the facility and it's clients. 


The establishment of the sports complex’s brand, including colors, catch line(s), mission statement and initial marketing materials is key in the first phases of development.  PTW will create a marketable identity for the client.  These initial branding and marketing materials will include conceptual drawings and a description of the planned offerings and benefits to the community, in general, and targeted users specifically.

Advertising Campaign

PTW can develop advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme to make up an integrated marketing communication.  Our advertising campaigns utilize diverse media channels over a particular time frame and target identified audiences.